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Project Cracker began in 2009 when our current Planning and Claims expert needed an analytics tool for a mega infrastructure project that he was responsible for. He didn't find the tool that he needs. So he set out to make it.

In 2009, he put his 20 years of construction and claims experience together and teamed up with a Business Intelligence and Software Expert to create the most helpful Schedule Analytics tools available. 

Since then, we've gathered 70 years of collective expertise, built our team, and distilled our tech down into our two flagship products - Claim Cracker and Schedule Cracker.

Intelligent Tech

Schedule Cracker began when our VP needed a software tool with a certain metric that wasn't on the market.  Since then Schedule Cracker has grown to be the most advanced Schedule Analytics tool. 

It uses over 300 metrics and our proprietary health score to give a deep schedule analysis at the click of a button. 

It also has our Priority Display, which displays all metrics in order of import, most to least. This way you may easily see what you need to work on first - save you or your clients millions.



Towards the start of 2020, we were excited to launch Claim Cracker - our first AI tool and the first of its kind in the market! After years of manually reviewing, analyzing, and reporting we wanted to create a tool that did us for us. 

Now you might have an Expert-Standard CPM Review - in just one click. These are essential for any owner or representative, consultant, or contractor to save yourself from delays and claims, and get projects finished ahead of schedule! Just import your schedule, press a single button and wait for our AI system to give you a complete analysis and report,

Not only showing up issues but what you or your client need to do to fix them! Don't waste days of 8-10 hours spent manually pouring through schedules, analyzing typing, or writing things out by hand. Now receive an air-tight report in just ten minutes complete with automatic expert advice and recommended actions.

There are also explanations of each and every finding so that even a complete beginner can benefit from consulting, at 10% the price!


We are committed to providing the best service we possibly can, if you need anything whatsoever, simply click the chat button on the bottom right of the screen and let us know! 

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